the new global foreign exchange payment solution for business and private clients


edgeFX is a best-in-class online FX solution for business and private clients.


We offer competitive FX pricing from a pool of liquidity providers to deliver cross-currency payments domestically and internationally


edgeFX digitizes the entire process of international payments and money transfers, speeding up the process and offering and end-to-end online experience

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Why edgeFX?

Transparent trading

same day, tomorrow and spot transactions in over 60 currency pairs using competitive live market prices sourced from multiple liquidity providers including Tier 1 banks, prime brokers and global market makers. Trade through our online portal 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

Fast and efficient payments

make fast and secure international foreign exchange payments, one-off transfers or regular payments in over 60 currencies. Payments are made quickly, accurately, and securely through the SWIFT network, reducing business costs and operational risk.


take control of your personal or global business currency requirements with a streamlined and efficient process using automated payments, individual or multi payment services, new trades and onward payments to third party recipients.

Account security

create and manage bank account details securely, manage user accessibility with the ability to allow for multi-user authorization. As we operate in a stringently regulated trading environment, all client funds are held in segregated accounts at Tier 1 banks. Our secure accounts allow multi-user authorization and are encrypted using XYZ.

Multi-payment solutions

the batch payments service is efficient and convenient if you need to manage regular bulk international payments. It allows payments to be created, downloaded or you can use our validation software to mitigate the rejection of payment orders.

Comprehensive audit trail

payment receipts and complete activity reports ensure you are in control of all cash movements on your account via a full audit trail.